Stuff mc

    „A greatly organized event where we almost won! In fact one of the reasons I work today @e.GO Digital is because I got to know a set of amazing people which would become my new colleagues. At the Hackathon we started with an idea Christian has already been working on: An app that knows how your solar panels system is doing at home, and based on that we connected our app with a HomeKit Power Plug that can provide electricity only when there’s enough sun shining. This allows us to not only being better to the environment by driving an electric car like the e.GO Life but also to only charge it with our very own renewable energy. This means that neither the battery at home nor bad electricity corporations get to store the electricity which will end up in the cars battery. It’s almost as if your car has solar panels placed on it! We were very happy that the crowd @e.GO Digital Hackathon thought this was a good idea and were very proud that they gave us the third place — Christian and I were shining like at least 1.25 kW peak on our smile!“

    Manuel @stuffmc Carrasco Molina, Lead Apple Evangelist @e.GO Digital