„At the e.GO Digital Hackathon we had the opportunity to let our creativity run free and to concentrate 32 hours on the project. In the end all teams presented their projects and ideas, which was very inspiring. Participating and experiencing was a very good decision and we would recommend everyone to visit a hackathon. It's a great opportunity to find out what you can achieve when there are no(*) limits.

    (*except the 32 hours ;) )

    Your project can really be anything - and if it fits well to the topic and is something special, you have a good chance to be part of the finalists. In our opinion, fun and experience in new areas should be our top priority.

    The two of us have worked on our project. Such a hackathon is great for a group of friends who all like to do something "digital". We didn’t learn the development of user-focused software during our studies (physics), but we could make good use of our experience in the field of measurement technology. So if you feel like it, just visit the next Hackathon!

    We were able to convince with our idea at the Hackathon and now we got the unbelievable opportunity to transform the idea with specialists into a business plan to bring a real product to the market. The chance to accompany your own idea on its way to the product gives you valuable insights and experiences that you would otherwise not get so easily.

    The hackathon was also very well organized: From the professional welcoming to the support if you had questions about the e.GO vehicles or the API simulation. Thanks a lot!“

    Justus und Paul, Physikstudenten @RWTH Aachen